Roomba Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba 880 – What Makes It So Very Special

irobot roomba 880

Though there are dozens and makes and models of vacuum cleaners, there obviously is something special about Roomba vacuum cleaner. It has caught the imagination of many hundreds of customers and therefore it certainly must have something special it. This is considered to be a high end and sophisticated vacuum cleaner. It certainly is expensive and it comes with a number of exciting features and functions which perhaps could help customers to clean their homes, offices and other places thoroughly with much less effort and pain. It has some intelligent functions and therefore it would be interesting to find out what it offers. It will certainly be quite helpful for all those who are keen on buying something sophisticated and top of the line. There is no doubt that this is a highly priced vacuum cleaner and therefore you must be sure that it offers the right value for money. We will have a look at the technical details, the different cleaning methods and modes and also find out whether it actually cleans well. We will also try and look at the way in which it is able to clean difficult surfaces and obstacles. It would be pertinent to mention that there are many Roomba models in the market. In this article we will be restricting the discussion to IRobot Roomba 880.

Key Features

  • Review Price:$589.95
  • Dimensions: 92 x 340 x 340mm
  • Weight: 3.8Kg
  • 2 Virtual Wall Lighthouses (batteries included)
  • Bagless Vacuum
  • AeroForce Performance Cleaning System

iRobot Roomba 880 – Setup&Technical Details

The IRobot Roomba 880 comes with an overall dimension of 13.9 inches x 3.6 inches x 13.9 inches (Width, Depth and Height). It weighs 8.38 lbs and therefore users consider it quite lightweight and easily portable considering the options it comes with. It is available in two colors, black and white. It works on rechargeable batteries and once charged it should be able to clean a big sized home quite easily. The bagless dust collection technology makes cleaning easy and mess-free when compared to many other brands and modes. It has the high quality HEPA filtering system which is proven and is known to remove almost 99.99% of debris and dust particles.

irobot roomba 880

It has a robotic function and therefore no manual intervention is necessary once the machine is switched on. It also comes with a number of useful accessories including remote control, self charging base unit, built in batteries, wall lighthouse unit and of course HEPA filter. It incorporates the unique Dirt Detect Technology and also something known as Persistent Pass Cleaning System. There are other interesting features such as airflow accelerator, wall following technology, anti angle technology, iAdapt technology, and cliff detection sensor. It also allows the users to preset weekly cleaning modes and therefore the risk of forgetting cleaning can be avoided.

It allows the user to set the vacuum cleaner across many languages. While the default language is English it is possible to set it to other languages such as German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian. There are quite a few other languages too in which the vacuum cleaner can be set.


iRobot Roomba 880 –What Type Of Cleaning Modes It Has

This particular robot vacuum cleaner has three modes of cleaning:

Clean mode.

Spot Mode &

Scheduled Cleaning Mode

Each mode is unique. The clean mode when activated helps the vacuum cleaner to calculate the size of the room and accordingly the cleaning time is adjusted. The calculation takes place automatically.The spot mode is quite unique because it makes the vacuum cleaner to spiral around three feet in diameter and then comes back to where it started. This ensures intense cleaning of a specific area.When the scheduled cleaning mode is activated allows the user to program the vacuum cleaner to clean on a specified time and date. When this is activated, the Roomba Cleaner leaves its home base, does the cleaning and gets back to the home base and gets into recharge mode.

iRobot Roomba 880 – How does it cope with corners and obstacles?

Any expensive vacuum cleaner which works automatically is judged by its ability to clean properly, especially when it comes to obstacles and corners. It has the unique Dirt Detect Technology and Persistent Pass Cleaning System which is known to be very helpful when it comes to cleaning corners and obstacles. The dirt detect technology helps it so detect dirt quite efficiently and it has abilities to cross over obstacles. Further accessories it comes with also helps it quite a bit in cleaning corners and other difficult to reach areas.

How Does It Clean

When we are drawing the right Roomba comparison we need to have a reasonably good idea as to how the vacuum cleaner does its cleaning. It uses a number of methods, ways and accessories as far as cleaning are concerned. It has the sophisticated Aero Force Performance Cleaning System which helps in tangle free cleaning. It also has a high powered vacuum channel which helps to automatically increases suction. It also accessories such as spinning side brush which helps to clean wall edges and corners. It is quite capable of cleaning, carpet, wood, vinyl, tile and laminate flooring surfaces.

How Thoroughly Does It Clean

Going by the various product features, reviews and customers feedback there are reasons to believe that this IRobot Roomba 880 cleans almost all surfaces, corners, edges, crevices and other areas quite thoroughly. It has an intelligent dirt detection system which works quite well in finding out accumulated dust irrespective of the place where it might be located.

Ease of cleaning is a takeaway.Its performance on rugs according to few customers leaves quite a bit to be desired.
It can clean pet hairs too.It seemingly misses certain sections of the room while cleaning.

Its performance on carpet and bare floors is commendable.According to a few customers, it makes quite a bit of noise while cleaning.
It also comes with a remote control.
It can reach the underside of furniture and clean it thoroughly.

Final Verdict

After having a close look at the functions, features, accessories, battery life and other factors, there are quite a few reasons to believe that it could be a good buy for those who wish to make vacuuming a simpler and easier job. It is based on some intelligent functions and therefore does a reasonably good job. In fine, the iRobot Roomba 880 is a vacuuming machine which offers very good value for money.The iRobot Roomba 880  is available from  Amazon.

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