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It has been a lie. When I was young, my parents used to tell me that no one will clean my stuff, I had to do it myself. Little did they know that neato would prove them wrong. Their latest innovation, the neato Botvac Connected, vacuum cleans your floor while you focus on the things that matter. And that’s not the best thing yet. This robot vacuum cleaner is a robot with a brain so it won’t tumble down the stairs. It offers something unique – connectivity. This Vacuum cleaner comes with wi-fi and cleaning can be started remotely, even from your office.

neato Botvac connected

Neato Botvac Connected – Design and features

The Botvac Connected is D-shaped which makes it best suited for those hard to reach corners. It’s all black with metallic details. It’s only ten centimeters in height making it the perfect robot to clean under your sofa. It uses a combination of suction – like the classic vacuum cleaners and brushes. Its tough bristle brush makes it the best robot vacuum for pet hair. It has a brush at the side useful in cleaning edges. Powered by CornerClever technology, it cleverly maneuvers corners picking up debris.

It comes with a touch responsive screen at the top for scheduling cleaning. This is where any error messages are displayed – which hopefully, you won’t encounter regularly. There are also two buttons, one for spot cleaning and the other tells it to clean the whole house. The dustbin, which is, in fact, the largest in a robot vacuum cleaner, is removable from the top. It comes with an even smaller filter that the company says traps even smaller particles of dust.

Did you leave your house in a mess and you’re coming with an impromptu guest? This Roomba vacuum cleaner has got you covered. Simply download the neato app from play store or apple store and tell it clean. Heck, it will even let you know when it’s done. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even steer it yourself from the app like a remote car with a brush beneath. Is this helpful? No, but it’s cool. Don’t you think so? This comes in handy when you need to manually clean a spot. You can choose to schedule cleaning from the app or through the settings of the device accessible from the touch screen.

This robot vac is smart enough to know when it runs out of charge and it will even go to the charging station. Surprisingly, it will resume from where it left.

neato Botvac connected

Neato Botvac Connected-Performance

The Botvac Connected picks debris on hardwood floors better than other Roomba models. It uses clever laser technology to map out surfaces meaning that it knows everywhere. It will move from one room to another without hitting obstacles or falling down the stairs. Unlike some models that clean in a random pattern, the Neato Botvac Connected follows straight paths making it twice as efficient.

This is by far the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet lovers in the market. It does a decent job cleaning cat hair from the carpet. Even though It’s the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, it’s not as effective as you’ll expect. Hairs keep getting stuck on the brush roll fibers and you have to clear the mess.

It comes with two modes; the turbo mode and the eco mode. The turbo mode offers better carpet cleaning at the expense of battery life while the eco mode is quieter and doesn’t drain the battery as much. However, the eco mode doesn’t clean thick carpets well. Be careful not to clean pet hair while in the eco mode though.

neato Botvac connected
Comes with a user-friendly app where you can schedule cleaningDoesn’t clean thick carpets as well as the Dyson.
Longer battery life (Approximately 90 cleaning minutes on turbo mode)You still have to clean the stairs yourself.
Auto-recharges itself
Easy scheduling through the app from anywhere.
Faster cleaning compared to other roomba vacuum cleaners.


We all know that nothing is flawless. The neato Botvac connected is perfect for hardwood floors but gets beaten by the Dyson when it comes to carpet cleaning. It comes with all the features of a standard robot vacuum cleaner plus bonus connectivity. If you love home automation, it’s definitely one of the best vacuum cleaners money can buy. It’s worth spending your hard earned cash on.The neato Botvac connected  is available from  Amazon.

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