A Roomba is well designed to clean debris and dirt from your carpet or floor. How did your Roomba get wet? Well, you probably possess the answer to this. What you should know is that water/moisture is an enemy to this device. The question you are probably asking yourself is, “Will my Roomba get to work again?”

How to Deal with Roomba if it Gets Wet

The first thing to do is, define if the Roomba is just a little wet or really wet. If it is just a little wet then it is not a major problem. What you should do is to power it off, then remove the battery pack and you can also consider removing the bin. You can then give it a chance to dry, a couple days would be advisable to be on the safe side.
Another way to make sure the Roomba dries up properly is using rice to absorb the little moisture that might be trapped inside the device. When you submerge the Roomba into a bag of rice, it will for sure soak up the moisture though this is just a suggestion, not 100% proven.

Is Your Roomba Really Wet?
If your Roomba happens to have hit a wet spot on your floor, this is what you should do.

1. Power it off.

2. Remove the Roomba battery pack.

3. Remove the guard from the brushes, then proceed to remove the extractors or brushes.

4. You can now remove the waste bin and empty it.

5. The next step is to make sure that you wipe the extractors or brushes well and allow to completely dry. You should also make sure everything else is clean and give time to dry, few days to about a week.

6. You can use the rice trick to dry the parts or dry in the sun.

7. Once dry and clean, you can now reassemble it and recharge. It should now work.

If it does not work after trying out this procedure, you can utilize your warranty if still under one, and if not you might have to purchase another one since buying parts is almost as expensive as purchasing a new one.

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